I would like to give a brief account of my professional experience. Over the years, I have built a vast portfolio of suppliers and buyers in the textiles and electronics industries which I now use to provide agency services. I specialize in bringing together companies that operate in countries like Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Vietnam, India, Germany, Italy, Spain, Chile, the UK and the USA, that manufacture and/or seek manufacturers of large volumes, that are looking for suppliers of stock products as well as companies that subcontract with local companies that are interested in establishing communication and collaboration with such companies.

In addition to acting as an agent between foreign manufacturers and local companies, I also offer training in the field of Quality Systems and Applications to companies in all industries.

I provide consultancy and project management services to companies that operate in the textiles industry in the process of creating and implementing projects as well as for the management of these systems.

My services also include preparing collections for brands owned by companies and brand consultancy.

As part of my consultancy services, I work with startup companies operating in the textiles and watch industries both in retail and online sales and support them in a variety of activities from assisting during their product selection processes and establishing contacts with suppliers to controlling the imported goods during customs clearance and performing quality conformity checks.

I have registered my name as a brand with the Turkish Patents Institute and my website www.umuttas.com  to display my oil paintings that I enjoy as a hobby and bag designs.

My profile in LinkedIn which can be viewed by subscribing through below link includes a list of all the work that I have done to date and the companies that I have worked for.


With the experience I have accumulated since 1997, I have defined my vision as “constantly and continuously raising the standards of the services that I provide by preserving the corporate identity of my company as well as the other companies that I work with while successfully adapting to the changing conditions in the industry and the world, and improving myself.”

I look forward to having the opportunity to meet and to collaborate with you,

Yours sincerely,

Umut Taş